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20 Complex Questions To Ask When You Write a Novel

To write a strong, impactful novel, it’s necessary to ask yourself a few questions. All writers are constantly thinking, “How can I make this better?”. However, many writers get stuck trying to find the answer to that question. If you’ve found yourself in such a situation, you can run through the following questions to help you understand what’s missing from your novel (if anything is).

Not all the questions will apply to your story; feel free to skip any that you don’t find useful. I’ve included a bunch of questions that can fit as many scenarios as possible.

So, here are some questions to ask when you write a novel:

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20 Complex Questions To Ask When You Write a Novel

  1. Is this something I would read?
  2. Do these characters feel like real people?
  3. Am I connecting to any of these characters? If so, which ones?
  4. Is there a way I can add foreshadowing?
  5. What type of person do I think is most-likely to read this story?
  6. Are there any sections that don’t serve a purpose?
  7. What genre would I classify this story as? What sub-genre?
  8. Can I follow the events without difficulty?
  9. Are the characters evolving?
  10. Which character is the strongest?
  11. Which character is the weakest? Can I improve them?
  12. Is there enough conflict?
  13. Does any part feel stagnant?
  14. Would I recommend this book to a friend if I wasn’t the author?
  15. Could someone easily predict where the story is headed?
  16. Can I create more uncertainty?
  17. Who am I rooting for in this story?
  18. Does this story have an underlying theme?
  19. Do I feel any emotion when reading this? What emotions do I feel?
  20. If this was another writer’s work and I was reviewing it, what critiques would I give?

What information did you gain from these questions? Where you surprised by the questions that sparked change? I hope you found yourself more connected to your novel after answering some of these questions.

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