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20 Unusual Romance Creative Writing Prompts for Writers

Romance is one of the biggest, most popular genres, not only for novels, but also for poetry, movies, and more. And, with the thousands of romance stories written, it can be challenging to come up with new ideas. If you enjoy writing romance, but are having trouble brainstorming ideas, here are some creative writing prompts and story ideas that will hopefully lead you to your next great romance story.

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A heartbroken man turns to a mysterious visitor for help.

A blind date becomes the adventure of a lifetime when an apocalyptic storm approaches.

The character falls in love with someone who claims they’ve been dead for ten years.

After meeting through a matchmaking app, two characters learn the true reason they were paired together.

In a long distance relationship, two characters search for each other after a geomagnetic event.

The character meets someone who matches their fortune teller’s description of their soulmate.

The same love story plays out every 50 years with seemingly the same two people.

A scientist trying to concoct a love potion falls for the protestor criticizing the trial.

The character falls for the person they’re trying to match-make.

Two archeologists uncover an ancient treasure that brings them together.

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A musician finds herself competing against her crush.

A couple’s love is tested when an old letter reveals a huge secret.

After many years after a brief fling, two characters come together.

A relationship that starts after a character mistakes the love interest for their blind date.

After an experimental love serum was stolen and given to the public unknowingly, no one can trust their own feelings.

A character who falls in love while on a spur of the moment weekend getaway.

When the character separates from their partner they end up falling in love and must choose between them.

Just after getting married to the love of her life, a character begins to unravel an unnerving web of lies and her partner’s disturbing past.

After the character can’t remember who they are and must rely on an old enemy to help, they begin to grow close.

A romance begins as two strangers begin having the same reoccurring dream.

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