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31 Best Fantasy Writing Prompts for the Magical Writer

Get ready to dive into the whimsical world with these fantasy writing prompts. I’ve created some dialogue, title, and character prompts for you to gain some story ideas from. You can work on a prompt by itself, or combine two for more of a challenge! Happy writing!

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Dialogue Writing Prompts

“Everything told me to run, but they froze me and I could not move.”

“It was always us against them, our species against theirs. And now, we needed them.”

“The trees told me danger was coming and I didn’t have long.”

“The silence of the storm was deadly, but it was too late to run.”

“I knew who the butterfly was, but I had no idea why they were here.”

“I was worried who the sword belonged to, and I knew they were still near.”

“The fire spilled out from my fingertips.”

“I had finally found the hidden kingdom, but it was nothing like I expected.”

“The curse had already been said, and it was too late to stop it.”

“The queen was dead, and now I was the only one who could save us.”

“Her black eyes burned intensely into mine.”

Character Writing Prompts

A blacksmith who discovers he can control fire.

The main character can control plants.

An astrologer discovers the ability to create portals.

The queen is dethroned and must save the kingdom from a natural disaster.

A conceited character loses a bet with a God.

The main character finds a treasured relic and people will do anything to take it.

An archer finds a hidden society underground.

The village herbalist accidentally unleashes a poison.

A clairvoyant character who senses an impending doom.

The main character is a royal who becomes cursed.

Title Writing Prompts

The Kingdom of Darkness

Fallen Knight of Amorpha

A Sea of Witches and Princes

The Fairies of the Underground

Giver of the Fire

The Forgotten Serpents

A Sword for Us

Through the Purple Sky

The Howling of the Crystal Ball

Kingdom of Wind

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