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40 Interesting Visual Writing Prompts to Spark Inspiration

From preventing writer’s block to strengthening your skills, visual writing prompts are among the most underrated tools in the writing community. So, if you don’t regularly use writing prompts to spark inspiration, you are missing out on a great writing exercise.

Simply look at a visual writing prompt, then think of a story that takes place there or is about a character in the image. Then, write a flash fiction story based on the picture. To challenge yourself further, try writing a story based on the image in under 250 words; or, you can write down the first five words you think of when you look at the picture and write a story based on that. Also, for an extra challenge, try creating a short story for a new visual writing prompt each day!

Did any of these photos spark inspiration? If so, get to writing! Again, be sure to let me know which posts you’d like to see next; though I’d love to hear what your favorite posts are. Also, to learn more about writer’s block or gaining inspiration, check out the posts below. Don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest, because we have a ton of extra inspiration.

Keeping up with creating new stories constantly can be challenging to say the least. But, it doesn’t have to be so stressful. Regularly using text and visual writing prompts will put your brain in a new space; and then, this will allow the creativity to flow again!

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