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    4 Creative Writing Exercises That Will Boost Your Skills

    Writing is a skill; and like with any skill, the more you practice, the better you get. But, how do you practice writing, other than, well, by writing? Well, there are many writing exercises that are designed to target specific aspects of writing, as well as enhance your practice sessions. In today’s post, you’ll learn four writing exercises that will help you to develop your writing and summarizing skills, write more concisely and with more meaning, and see first-hand how you’ve grown as a writer. Writing Prompts One of the most common writing exercises involves using writing prompts. These prompts give you a topic to write about or set specific…

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    How To Start Email Marketing as a Writer

    To grow as a writer, you need your audience to grow. The bigger your audience, the more people read your writing and buy your books. But, when starting out as a writer, it can seem like no matter what you do, nobody is interested in buying your work. You may become discouraged and believe no one likes your writing, but what often happens is that those who are interested aren’t aware, and those who are aware aren’t interested. In short, you aren’t promoting and marketing to the right people. Email marketing solves this problem because those who sign up are more than interested, and you can share your work as soon…

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    Email Marketing Can Skyrocket Your Writing Career

    When thinking of starting a career as a writer or author, most people think the important steps are to write stories, network with other authors, and build a portfolio. And, while those are all definitely beneficial, there is something perhaps more critical: building an email list. But, why is email marketing crucial for aspiring writers? I know that creating a mailing list, at first glance, doesn’t seem all too important or even totally relevant to writers. But, as with many self-supporting careers, you become your own brand—the face of your business. You are in charge of (at least in the beginning) selling your writing. Think of it this way: someone sees…

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    Unique Creative Writing Prompts for Writers

    Grow your next story from these unique creative writing prompts. Use them to practice writing or to inspire an entire novel. From sci-fi to horror to locations and characters, there are different prompts for every taste. So, here are 50 unique creative writing prompts for you to check out: Creative Writing Prompts If you’re enjoying, please be sure to share on Pinterest! Check out my other writing prompt posts here! Sign up for my mailing list and receive exclusive content, printables, and more! Similar Posts You May Find Helpful:

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    Character Creation

    Easy Character Development Tips for Beginner Writers

    Developing strong, expressive characters is paramount to any good story. Just like the leaves on a tree, characters grow and change and fall. Your reader should feel they are reading about people—people with lives and feelings and doubts and fears. Creating a whole person may seem daunting, but character development doesn’t have to be. Character development may seem complex, but it can be a simple, quick, and straightforward process. However, what often happens is that writers put all their focus on the main character(s) and the rest of the characters remain stagnant. To avoid this, you can use a character development worksheet (there will be a free printable available below!),…

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    How To Create an Aesthetic Bookshelf for Cheap

    The amount of bookshelf inspo I have saved is ridiculous. I love my bookshelf, but seeing these Pinterest worthy insanely amazing bookshelves have me jealous. And so, I wondered how I could have a beautiful aesthetic bookshelf and spend little-to-no money on it. Here’s what I came up with: Tips and Reminders Before I begin, I’d like to say that I think the best bookshelves are unique to each person. And, the most important factor is that you are happy with it and that it functions. A lot of these “Insta-worthy” bookshelves look beautiful because they never get used. But, if you’re like me and like looking through your books…

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    How To Keep Track of Books You Read

    Many bookworms enjoy list-making, journaling, and memory-keeping. One of the most popular lists for readers to make is keeping track of books they read. If you want to keep track of books you read, but aren’t sure how, keep reading to find out. Also, if you’re unsure why keeping track of your reads is beneficial, I discuss that, as well. Why It’s Good To Keep Track of Books You Read You may be wondering why should even take time to keep track of books you read. Well, there are many reasons, but I’ll discuss a few. To Absorb What You’ve Read When you track books you’ve read, you can better…

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    How To Actually Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution of Writing a Book

    Many people make a New Year’s resolution and do great…for awhile. Eventually, they end up forgetting about it, working towards something else, or become unmotivated. A goal I see many people set for their resolution is to write a book, but by December 31st, few have a complete story (and some haven’t even started it). I think the issue comes from three areas: loosing interest, feeling overwhelmed, and not being clear on what needs done. Today, I’ll go over how to achieve the New Year’s resolutions you set. Mostly, this post is focused on achieving the goal of writing a book, but you can apply these tips to almost any…

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    Best Self-Improvement Books To Read Before the New Year

    As we settle into the holiday season and the last month of the year, many of us tend to reflect on the past twelve months. We analyze what we’ve done, what we’ve achieved, and what we hope next year to bring. As such, I find myself reading more self-improvement books and learning about how I can better myself for the year ahead. Self-help books are quite popular now, and some people seem to be divided over them. Are these books worth the money? Do they actually help? Or, is it all just b.s.? Personally, I enjoy self-improvement books and have found them to be quite helpful. If you enjoy them as…

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    Best Gifts for Bookworms This Holiday Season

    Here are my top gifts for bookworms of all kinds. So, if you have a bookworm in your life, here are some ideas of what you can gift them this holiday season. I also posted a gift guide for writers that you can check out here. Anyway, here are the best gifts for bookworms! Christmas Tree Ornaments As a fellow bookworm, I would love to receive a book-themed ornament for Christmas. Here are a few adorable options: Beautiful Bookends Bookmarks Reading Light Magical Book Nook Page Holder Book Stand If you liked Gifts for Bookworms, sign up for my mailing list and receive exclusive content, printables, and more! Similar Posts…