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    Dark Writing Prompts That Will Haunt Your Mind

    Dark, mysterious stories that push our understanding of the world are some of the most famous books, especially throughout the last decade. Books like The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Giver, and The Handmaid’s Tale grab hold of our curiosity in how deep society can fall. Sometimes these stories are so staggering that you wonder how the ideas were thought of. And, for the writer, these dark plots can be just as exciting to write as they are to read. If you’ve wanted to write a similar story but weren’t sure what to write about, you can use the following prompts to gain some inspiration. And, perhaps, one will lead to a full novel. I’ve…

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    40 Interesting Visual Writing Prompts to Spark Inspiration

    From preventing writer’s block to strengthening your skills, visual writing prompts are among the most underrated tools in the writing community. So, if you don’t regularly use writing prompts to spark inspiration, you are missing out on a great writing exercise. Simply look at a visual writing prompt, then think of a story that takes place there or is about a character in the image. Then, write a flash fiction story based on the picture. To challenge yourself further, try writing a story based on the image in under 250 words; or, you can write down the first five words you think of when you look at the picture and…

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    50 Free Writing Prompts for Creative Writers

    Deciding what to write about doesn’t always come easy. Mainly if you write every day, some ideas seem to pop into your mind with ease, while other times, the ideas seem to avoid you purposefully. Writing prompts (especially free writing prompts) can help give you the jumpstart on your writing with an already thought-up idea. Sometimes, when using a writing prompt, your story ends up following the prompt entirely. However, other times, your story takes an entirely different path, and the prompt was just a helping hand in reaching the destination. If you are going through a bit of writer’s block, here are 50 free writing prompts that will bypass…