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    50 Free Writing Prompts for Creative Writers

    Deciding what to write about doesn’t always come easy. Mainly if you write every day, some ideas seem to pop into your mind with ease, while other times, the ideas seem to avoid you purposefully. Writing prompts (especially free writing prompts) can help give you the jumpstart on your writing with an already thought-up idea. Sometimes, when using a writing prompt, your story ends up following the prompt entirely. However, other times, your story takes an entirely different path, and the prompt was just a helping hand in reaching the destination. If you are going through a bit of writer’s block, here are 50 free writing prompts that will bypass…

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    Best Books on How To Write Fiction

    I’ve read so many books about how to write fiction throughout my time as a creative writing student in college, and I have a few books I routinely read and take notes from even now. These books have helped me improve writing screenplays, novels, flash fiction, and a ton of other mediums. If you find any books you are interested in, I recommend checking out Thrift Books (link is an affiliate, which means we both get credit at no cost to you), which is where I get most of my books. Seriously, they are like $4 or $5 since they are second-hand. (More on Thrift Books down below.) So, if…

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    How To Add Supporting Characters To Your Story

    A story isn’t complete without characters who populate and bring it to life. Many of these characters are mentioned in passing and then forgotten about, but the supporting characters and main characters are the core and focus. But with all these different personalities, it can be complicated to differentiate between each character and to understand their purpose in the plot. In this post, I will be discussing the difference between main characters and supporting characters, which roles they play, and how to figure out how and which ones to write in your story. Jump To Main Characters Vs. Supporting Characters Main characters and supporting characters are the backbone of any…

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    How To Overcome Writer’s Block

    You’ve just spent an hour cleaning and organizing your desk, you’ve lit a candle, made a cup of tea, and you sit down to write. And, all of the ideas you’ve had and all the feelings of motivation have left and you have no idea what to write about, let alone how to write it. Nothing you write is making sense and you feel like you’ve hit a wall. Has something like this happened to you? If so, you’ve experienced writer’s block, and I’m guessing you can understand the frustration that follows.  If you are in the creative field, no matter writing or drawing or something else, there will always be…

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    The Absolute Best Apps for Writers

    Writers need to stay organized, and between all the plots, characters, and everything else that comes with storytelling, it can be difficult. Throughout the years, I’ve found staple apps that have helped me to stay focused, productive, and organized in my writing projects. So, keep reading to find out what my favorite apps for writers are. Story Planner Brainstorm, Plan, & Create This app has been my go-to for developing story ideas since college. Although it is pricy ($9.99), this is an excellent app for any avid writers, especially those who have multiple stories going at once. This is one of the best apps for writers as it is a…

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    Simple Creative Writing Story Bible Template & Checklist

    Creative writing contains an expanse of distinctive characters, glowing worlds, and thrilling one-of-a-kind journeys. All of these various factors come together to envelop you in an imaginary world, and it’s pretty amazing. However, building a world, whether in a novel, movie, tv-show, whatever, is a lot. It’s a lot of detail and information which needs to be remembered and tracked for years.  A story bible is a way to combine all the vital information and details of the world and characters you write and keep it ordered, organized, and ready to reference.  Keep reading to find out how to purchase the story bible template and checklist I’ve created to help…

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    How To Write Dynamic and Interesting Characters

    You can write the best plot with the most creative twists and turns, but without the dynamic characters to back it up, the story will always fall flat. The characters in your story should come alive. They should be relatable, full of personality, and unique. If you were to put your character in a different setting, you should be able to picture how they would react based on their personality, likes, dislikes, fears, dreams, etc. Appearances are necessary on some level, but who your character is, inside, is far more meaningful. Keep reading to learn how you can ensure each character you write is dynamic and exciting. Jump To Give…

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    The Simple Fiction Writing Process for Beginners

    Many people want to write a book, but the thought of writing 300-something pages of a complete story that people will enjoy can seem so daunting. There has to be a more straightforward writing process, right? This fear is especially true when you don’t have much if any, experience writing. Where do I start? How do I turn my idea into a novel? If this sounds like you, keep reading to find out how to write a book in manageable, less-stressful steps. A free PDF checklist printable is available to download below! Jump To Find Your Idea I’m guessing, since you’re reading this, you already have an idea for a…

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    Writing Prompts for Adults to Beat Writer’s Block

    Using writing prompts is one of the best ways to practice your writing and improve your craft. Not only that, but they can also lead you to your next significant work. Dedicate time each day to writing (at least five minutes) and use these writing prompts to spark ideas, use as jumping-off points, and gain a different perspective on stories. Jump To Writing Prompt Genres: Sci-Fi/Fantasy Romance Young Adult Horror Miscellaneous Sci-fi/Fantasy Write about what you think would happen if artificial intelligence advanced too far What’s your favorite season? Create a fantasy world based on the things you love about that season. If you could create your own world, what…