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Holiday Gift Guide for Writers

As we welcome this holiday season, we also welcome the season of giving. It can be difficult to find the perfect gifts for the people in your life. So, here are some gift ideas to help you find the best present for the writer in your life.

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Moleskine Notebook and Micron Fineliners

A simple gift, but one that is sure to get a lot of use, is this notebook and fineliner set.

My personal favorite is the Moleskine dotted notebook, and I love using the Micron fineliners with it. They are great quality and are decently priced.

These notebooks are sturdy, have great paper quality, and come in many colors. The fineliners are easy to write with and also come in a few colors.

USB/Bluetooth Typewriter Keyboard

One that’s on my own wishlist, is a Bluetooth typewriter keyboard, which is functional, fun, and aesthetically pleasing.

The keyboard below is the exact one on my wishlist, so although I’ve not used it yet, I’ve read some pretty good reviews.


Every writer is a reader at heart, and ebooks are quickly becoming the norm for readers. If you have a bookworm in your life that doesn’t have an e-reader yet, this could become their new obsession.

An e-reader is another thing on my wishlist, but since I’ve not tried any yet, the one I’m linking is just an example. I’d recommend checking out this post to decide which is right for you.

Tea and Candle

Nothing is better than curling up by the fire with some tea and a good book with a nice candle burning.

If the person isn’t a tea drinker, you can try replacing it with coffee or hot chocolate instead. Personally, I love a nice cup of earl grey tea, so I’ve linked my favorite below.


For decor items, and odds and ends, I love supporting small businesses on Etsy and similar places. You can find such cute, unique decor for any writer in your life like these cute bookends!

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