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How To Start Email Marketing as a Writer

To grow as a writer, you need your audience to grow. The bigger your audience, the more people read your writing and buy your books. But, when starting out as a writer, it can seem like no matter what you do, nobody is interested in buying your work.

You may become discouraged and believe no one likes your writing, but what often happens is that those who are interested aren’t aware, and those who are aware aren’t interested.

In short, you aren’t promoting and marketing to the right people.

Email marketing solves this problem because those who sign up are more than interested, and you can share your work as soon as it’s published. But how do you start email marketing as a writer? Well, let’s dive into it.

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What is Email Marketing?

Every major brand and business utilizes a mailing list, and for good reason: it is profitable.

Picture this: you purchase a shirt from a new brand, sign up for their newsletter, and begin receiving emails detailing the brand’s newest releases. You’ve shown your interest by purchasing from them, and have now signed up for their mailing list to receive discount codes and information about upcoming releases. And, when you see an email showcasing a new spring collection, you click on their website and start putting items in your cart.

Now instead of a clothing brand, picture a writer who has a newsletter. Fans of their work subscribe to the mailing list, and when a new book is released, there’s a list of people who run to get it.

Hopefully, you understand how this process works now. But, email marketing is different from other forms of marketing because there are strict laws in many countries in place against spam. I’ll explain a little about this later, but I want you to first understand why email marketing is so helpful to writers.

Why is Email Marketing Helpful To Writers?

Two main benefits are gained because email marketing connects you directly to your supporters: you gain potential customers and can connect more deeply with your subscribers.

To keep this post about starting a mailing list, I won’t dive too much into the benefits. Instead, I wrote a separate post about how email marketing can skyrocket your writing career. If you are interested, you can read that post here.

What You Need To Start a Mailing List

To begin setting up your mailing list, here are a few things you’ll need:

  • an email marketing provider
  • a site or platform to promote your list
  • a P.O. Box

Email Marketing Providers

There are many email marketing providers that are available. You can find some for free, but many require you to pay. Luckily when you’re just starting out, the free versions are usually just fine. Here are some of the most popular companies:

I have used MailChimp in the past and currently use MailerLite, and have enjoyed both of them. They offer customizable templates and are pretty easy to use.

A Place To Promote

When it comes to email marketing, you’ll obviously need a place to promote your newsletter. As a writer, you probably have a website or portfolio already (if you don’t, you should read my post about branding yourself as an author) and can promote your mailing list there.

It may take a while to build a sizable mailing list, but offering freebies and other exclusive content can help!

A P.O. Box

A P.O. Box isn’t a requirement, but you should look into getting one if you are starting a mailing list. You must include an address in your emails, and it’s best to use a P.O. Box.

Things To Remember

You must be transparent and provide a way to unsubscribe (most providers have this built-in).

Don’t spam your followers. These people subscribed to you because they enjoy your content, don’t abuse that.

Give some behind-the-scenes info, exclusive content, free printables, and exclusive discount codes; make it worth their while to subscribe.

Let your followers know you appreciate them, and let them get to know you!

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