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How Writing a Novel Will Transform You and Your Life

Writing a novel is on many people’s bucket lists, but few actually get to cross it off and mark it done. Such a feat can take years to accomplish, and the finish line frequently seems to drift farther and farther away.

Completing the daunting challenge of writing a novel doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful, though. And, if you want to buckle down and finish a book finally, you can check out my post detailing the entire writing process broken down into seven simple steps.

Once you complete your novel, you may find yourself completely or slightly transformed; the power of writing is incredible. Completing a novel comes with a ton of personal benefits, and here are four of the biggest ways writing a novel will transform you as a person.

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  1. Patience and Persistence
  2. Opportunities
  3. Finding Your Voice
  4. Goals and Excitement

#1 – Patience and Persistence

Page by page, line by line, writing can often seem unbearably slow. But, pushing through may find you to be a more patient and resilient person in every aspect of life.

You may find yourself to be more patient with your loved ones, with strangers, and with yourself. After completing a novel, you may discover a slower, more meaningful attitude towards life. This is mainly due to the realization that slow and steady progress (like writing a novel) can lead to the most remarkable outcomes.

Not just with patience, but you may also find more joy in the process rather than anticipating the outcome. Many of life’s pleasures are lost due to the race to the finish—to see results. But, just like each season has its own beauty, so too does the process of writing, of waiting, and of watching.

Stop and take a break. Look around you. Enjoy the process in getting to wherever it is you want to be.

And, with patience comes persistence. Challenging situations may no longer cause you to admit defeat, as with the endless drafts of your novel, you may find you have the strength to push through and emerge undefeated.

#2 – Opportunities

One of the most, if not the most obvious way writing a novel can transform you is in the opportunities it brings to you. Having an entirely written story allows you to self-publish or find an agent to get published or even sell your book. It’s also simply something incredible to add to your portfolio.

The novel, if published (whether through yourself or a publishing company), will bring a loyal audience to you and your writing career.

You will begin to develop a loyal fan base of people who enjoy your writing and will be waiting patiently for your next work to drop.

The bigger your audience grows, the easier finding an agent and selling your next novel will be.

#3 – Finding Your Voice

Every writer has their own unique voice that makes their work stand out. This voice is a combination of your personality, your experiences, and who you are. And, it’s no easy task to find your voice—though, for some, it may come easier than others. For most, it may take years to find your voice, but without writing a novel, a screenplay, a complete work, you most likely will never find it.

Crafting a complete work like a novel forces you to sit with your writing and find what speaks to you and what feels right.

#4 – Goals and Excitement

The opportunities and personal growth are great, but writing a novel may change you simply by allowing you to achieve a big goal. And, with the acknowledgment of achieving such a big goal comes excitement.

Though not a guarantee to change you, writing a novel is sure to benefit you in one way or another. And, more often than not, finishing an entire book will transform you, so let’s get writing!

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