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Unique Creative Writing Prompts for Writers

Grow your next story from these unique creative writing prompts. Use them to practice writing or to inspire an entire novel. From sci-fi to horror to locations and characters, there are different prompts for every taste.

So, here are 50 unique creative writing prompts for you to check out:

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Creative Writing Prompts

  1. Write a story where you are the antagonist.
  2. Write a story that takes place in the year you were born.
  3. Expand upon a dream you vividly remember.
  4. Write a story that takes place virtually.
  5. What is your biggest fear? Write a story about it.
  6. The world is expanding and no one knows why.
  7. Humans have become allergic to each other.
  8. Write a story that takes place solely in a hotel.
  9. A character discovers they’re not human.
  10. Two enemies must come together to save both of their lives.
  11. Write a story that takes place over a single day.
  12. A character finds themselves unable to interact with anyone or anything.
  13. Write a story that begins as a comedy but turns into horror.
  14. A character discovers her neighbor has been hiding a terrible secret.
  15. Water suddenly becomes toxic to all humans.
  16. The sun doesn’t rise.
  17. A character finds that every fortune cookie fortune comes true.
  18. A friendship is tested when strange letters begin to appear.
  19. Write a story about a princess’s transformation into a villain.
  20. A captain finds his ship in the middle of a never-ending storm.

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"A captain finds his ship in the middle of a never-ending storm." Pinterest Graphic
  • To honor her sister, a character must destroy a precious artifact.
  • Write a story about a character who recently died and their journey to the afterlife.
  • A character learns someone tried to poison them.
  • A second sun appears in the sky.
  • Write a story based in a world where virtual reality has overtaken society.
  • A character accepts a deadly bet.
  • Write a story where memories are able to be stolen.
  • An astronaut befriends an alien.
  • A pilot has been commanded to fly to a place he realizes doesn’t exist.
  • Write a story where violent, unrelenting storms force humans underground.
  • A researcher’s discovery changes everything.
  • An entire town vanishes without a trace and no one remembers but you.
  • Due to overpopulation, everyone under 30 gets sent to live on a new planet.
  • A character finds out their partner has created a clone of them.
  • Write a story where a character must convince everyone that they’ve died.
  • Write a story that takes place in your hometown.
  • A character is on the run for a crime they didn’t commit and must find a way to prove their innocence.
  • Every night, a character is awoken by a strange noise outside.

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  • A housekeeper finds out one family isn’t who they say they are.
  • Write a story where the character slowly becomes obsessed with a mundane hobby.
  • A judge becomes increasingly suspicious of their fiancé.
  • A character finds a button that turns them temporarily invisible.
  • To save his family, a character must solve a puzzle.
  • A shipwrecked crew discovers something lurking in the waters around them.
  • Write a story from the perspective of an imaginary friend.
  • A countdown begins to play over the sky, and no one knows what it’s for.
  • A dragon is uncovered from ice.
  • Write a story that incorporates a movie you hate.
  • A sculptor’s creation causes unforeseen consequences.
  • A swamp turns out to be home to a previously thought-extinct species.

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