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Writing Prompts for Adults to Beat Writer’s Block

Using writing prompts is one of the best ways to practice your writing and improve your craft. Not only that, but they can also lead you to your next significant work.

Dedicate time each day to writing (at least five minutes) and use these writing prompts to spark ideas, use as jumping-off points, and gain a different perspective on stories.

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  • Write about what you think would happen if artificial intelligence advanced too far
  • What’s your favorite season? Create a fantasy world based on the things you love about that season.
  • If you could create your own world, what would it be like?
  • Rewrite the ending of the last movie you watched. How did you want it to end?
  • Create two different worlds, one 1000 years in the past and one 1000 years in the future. What would happen if the two worlds collide?


  • Write about your first crush.
  • Describe your ideal date in detail (who are you with, what do you do, where do you go, etc.).
  • Think of a tv/movie couple that you wanted to be together but didn’t end up together and create a story based on them.
  • Look at the last song you listened to and write a romance story based on it.
  • Write about a couple living 100 years in the future. How does the world view love?

Young Adult

  • Write a story based on your favorite song.
  • Create a character based entirely on your zodiac sign.
  • Turn your favorite childhood book into a young adult story.
  • Shuffle your music library and write a short story based on whichever song comes on first.
  • Create a story for this person (how did they end up here?).


  • Flip the script: Come up with a goal for a protagonist of your choosing and an antagonist. Once you’ve done that, flip it. Switch the protagonist and antagonist.
  • Think back to a dream you recently had that you enjoyed and turn it into a nightmare.
  • Flip the genre of your favorite sit-com and turn it into a horror/thriller.
  • You wake up to find no other people in the world. What happened? What do you do?
  • Create a story based on this picture:


  • Create an entire story in less than 100 words. Too easy? Try to write a complete story in two sentences.
  • Visit a park, and people watch. Write about what you see.
  • Create a story based on these five words: forest, fight, glass, stubborn, song.
  • Write a short story that starts with this phrase: The ground gave way, and she…
  • Write a story that takes place in the most famous sight in your city or state.

I’d love to hear what ideas you came up with from these prompts. Be sure to share them with me and be on the lookout for some of mine.

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