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    How To Create Vivid and Memorable Fantasy and Sci-Fi Worlds in Creative Writing

    Memorable worlds in creative writing allow the reader to truly feel a part of them. The characters and scenery come alive to create a place we can disappear within. And, sometimes we love these worlds so dearly that we create pieces of them in our own world (take Harry Potter World at Disney). But how do we create these memorable worlds in creative writing? And what is it that makes them so memorable? Writing a story that readers can get lost in requires worlds that feel real and alive. The world your story takes place in may be entirely based on our own world, or it may be a world…

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    Write Like a Professional: Take Your Writing From Amateur to Pro

    Can you tell the difference between a professional writer’s work and an amateur’s work? On the surface, you may quickly note grammar, spelling mistakes, and similar aspects that are quick to jump out. But below the surface lies a certain essence found in professional writing that ties it together. And, that’s the key to be able to write like a professional. You may be able to tell the difference even if you can’t pinpoint it. But if you’re looking to write like a professional, knowing what sets it apart is critical. And professional writing doesn’t mean essays and biographies (though it can); it applies to fiction writing, creative writing, in…

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    How To Begin Your Writing Career

    A career in writing can look different for many, and is usually far from what people imagine it to be. Some are technical writers who spend their time meticulously creating manuals, guides, and similar works. Others dive deep into their imagination to create their next novel. Some work set schedules for a company with job security and routine while some decide their own schedules, answering to no one but themselves. However unique writing careers can be, they most often start the same way. And, if you’ve decided to commit to becoming a professional writer, you may be unsure where or how to start. If so, you have found the right…

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    How To Create an Aesthetic Bookshelf for Cheap

    The amount of bookshelf inspo I have saved is ridiculous. I love my bookshelf, but seeing these Pinterest worthy insanely amazing bookshelves have me jealous. And so, I wondered how I could have a beautiful aesthetic bookshelf and spend little-to-no money on it. Here’s what I came up with: Tips and Reminders Before I begin, I’d like to say that I think the best bookshelves are unique to each person. And, the most important factor is that you are happy with it and that it functions. A lot of these “Insta-worthy” bookshelves look beautiful because they never get used. But, if you’re like me and like looking through your books…

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    How To Keep Track of Books You Read

    Many bookworms enjoy list-making, journaling, and memory-keeping. One of the most popular lists for readers to make is keeping track of books they read. If you want to keep track of books you read, but aren’t sure how, keep reading to find out. Also, if you’re unsure why keeping track of your reads is beneficial, I discuss that, as well. Why It’s Good To Keep Track of Books You Read You may be wondering why should even take time to keep track of books you read. Well, there are many reasons, but I’ll discuss a few. To Absorb What You’ve Read When you track books you’ve read, you can better…

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    How To Actually Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution of Writing a Book

    Many people make a New Year’s resolution and do great…for awhile. Eventually, they end up forgetting about it, working towards something else, or become unmotivated. A goal I see many people set for their resolution is to write a book, but by December 31st, few have a complete story (and some haven’t even started it). I think the issue comes from three areas: loosing interest, feeling overwhelmed, and not being clear on what needs done. Today, I’ll go over how to achieve the New Year’s resolutions you set. Mostly, this post is focused on achieving the goal of writing a book, but you can apply these tips to almost any…

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    How To Write a Horror Story | What Makes Great Horror Stories

    As Halloween approaches, so too do all of the best horror stories. I haven’t spent much time discussing tips and tricks for writing specific genres, but I thought now is the perfect time to go over horror. If you’ve been wanting to learn how to write horror, read on to find out what makes a great scary story. What Makes Great Horror Stories? (How To Write a Horror Story) The elements of a great horror story are usually the same. An excellent horror story evokes fear in the viewer/reader, creates surprise and shock, and feels real. To learn how to evoke fear, you must understand the different types of fear…

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    How To Proofread Your Writing

    Proofreading can seem daunting—especially if you have a large word count. It can seem that no matter how many times you look over your work, you always miss something. And, unfortunately, no matter how observant you are, some mistakes will slip through. Luckily you can minimize these slips by being thorough, patient, and focused when proofreading. Keep reading to learn how to proofread your writing. Proofreading Dos & Donts Do Donts How To Proofread Once you have finished writing your story, essay, article, etc., it’s time to begin proofreading. It’s important to give yourself enough time to properly and thoroughly look over your work, so try not to procrastinate. Use…

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    Here’s How Writers Make Money

    The failed writer is a trope many know well. By now, most people are aware that becoming a successful writer is not easy. However, it’s becoming increasingly easier to make money through writing thanks to the internet. And, not many people understand how writers make money. You don’t need to be a famous author to earn a living writing. That’s one avenue, yes, but there are plenty of ways to make money as a writer. In fact, as a writer, it’s good to diversify your income. Before you begin diving into these different streams of income, it’s important you decide what you want to do as a writer. What is…

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    How To Write a Short Story

    Naturally, many people think that the longer a story is, the harder it must be to write, but often the opposite is true. As your word count lowers, you must condense the plot further and further, while still being vivid and immersive. Every word must be used carefully, and each sentence needs to be well thought out. When writing short stories, there are a few tips that can help make the process easier. And, if you don’t know where to start, there are some basic rules to follow. However, to learn how to write a short story, we first need to know exactly what qualifies as one. So, what is…