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    I Have a Great Story Idea—What Should I Do With It as an Amateur Writer?

    You’ve thought up a wonderful idea for a story you are eager to write. Once you’ve brainstormed some more, you have a solid plot and are sure people will enjoy it. But, now what? Your first thought is probably to write a book, which is the preferred medium of many writers, especially beginner writers. Hold on, though, because writing a book is only one option, and some stories work so much better when written in a different form. Beginner writers often stick to writing novels, short stories, and poems because they are more simple mediums and don’t require much upfront knowledge. However, many writers get stuck as their writing style…

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    How To Write a Script for a TV Show

    Many writers start out writing novels and short stories since these forms of writing teach you how to plot a compelling and engaging story. But, novel writing is only one medium of writing and there are many many more. Diving into other writing mediums can help you to develop your skills and broaden your portfolio. Let’s say you’ve written a short story and you think it would make an excellent tv show. How do you go about turning a simple story into a complete and professional script? How do you make it tv-ready? And, what do you do with it once it’s done? If you want to write a television…

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    Screenwriting Basics – How To Write a Screenplay

    Screenwriting is an incredibly fun form of writing, but it can also be intimidating. There are strict rules you must follow (specifically with formatting). I’ll be breaking down each element of writing a screenplay in future posts, but for now, let’s just get the basics out of the way. Jump To Kinds of Screenplays As a writer, if you’re trying to sell/propose a screenplay or write one for your portfolio, you’ll want to create what is known as a spec script. While a shooting script or production script includes camera angles and more details surrounding production, a spec script simply revolves around the story. Spec scripts are written by writers…