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    How To Develop a Unique Writing Style – Find Your Writing Voice

    You know how you sometimes see a piece of art and know exactly who it’s by without looking at the artist? Well, that uniqueness is also what writers hope to capture. But what exactly allows you to know who created a piece of art? Maybe it’s the way they combined different mediums or the unique brushstrokes they used. Visually, it all comes together to create that artist’s style. But how do we create our own style in writing? Well, let’s take a look at the different elements of writing and how we can mold them into a unique voice. I’ll also leave some tips that you can use to develop…

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    20 Unusual Romance Creative Writing Prompts for Writers

    Romance is one of the biggest, most popular genres, not only for novels, but also for poetry, movies, and more. And, with the thousands of romance stories written, it can be challenging to come up with new ideas. If you enjoy writing romance, but are having trouble brainstorming ideas, here are some creative writing prompts and story ideas that will hopefully lead you to your next great romance story. A heartbroken man turns to a mysterious visitor for help. A blind date becomes the adventure of a lifetime when an apocalyptic storm approaches. The character falls in love with someone who claims they’ve been dead for ten years. After meeting…

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    Write Like a Professional: Take Your Writing From Amateur to Pro

    Can you tell the difference between a professional writer’s work and an amateur’s work? On the surface, you may quickly note grammar, spelling mistakes, and similar aspects that are quick to jump out. But below the surface lies a certain essence found in professional writing that ties it together. And, that’s the key to be able to write like a professional. You may be able to tell the difference even if you can’t pinpoint it. But if you’re looking to write like a professional, knowing what sets it apart is critical. And professional writing doesn’t mean essays and biographies (though it can); it applies to fiction writing, creative writing, in…

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    How To Start Email Marketing as a Writer

    To grow as a writer, you need your audience to grow. The bigger your audience, the more people read your writing and buy your books. But, when starting out as a writer, it can seem like no matter what you do, nobody is interested in buying your work. You may become discouraged and believe no one likes your writing, but what often happens is that those who are interested aren’t aware, and those who are aware aren’t interested. In short, you aren’t promoting and marketing to the right people. Email marketing solves this problem because those who sign up are more than interested, and you can share your work as soon…