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    How To Pace a Novel for Beginners

    There are many tips on how to pace a novel: plot points, percentages, guidelines, oh my! It can be confusing to know how to actually implement these tips while drafting your story. I mean we know where these events fall in relation to each other—the rising action leads to the climax which leads to the resolution—but how do we time these events and make sure we stay on course? Well, I’ll discuss the general rules for pacing a novel, how to actual write using them, and how to not overwhelm yourself. Let’s go! General Rules for Pacing Plot points are the most basic guide when plotting your story. I’m sure…

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    How To Write an Entire Novel in One Year

    Writing a book is one of many people’s New Year’s Resolutions, but by the end of the year—no book is finished (or sometimes even started). I know I’ve done this many times, and I think part of the reason is that writing an entire novel in one year seems undoable. It’s a lot of work, you may not even know where to begin, and that’s why many people are unable to check it off their list. However, writing a book in a year is entirely possible, and it’s not as hard as you may think. That is why, I’ll be showing you exactly how to go about doing it, and…