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    Best Writers Quotes for Inspiration

    As writers, we find comfort, not only in the words we lay, but also in the words we read. And, as a community, we can relate to the joy, frustration, and excitement we find in our work. We find we are not alone with the struggles we face; and, in reading quotes from writers, we find solace. Some of the most famous quotes from authors are not in their novels, but in how they describe writing. They give us the hope and motivation to continue with our own careers and dive deep into our work. I have gathered 40 of my favorite writers quotes that have inspired me in my…

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    Powerful Quotes From Banned Books

    Books often hold a unique view of the world, of people, of life. And, when books are banned, whether for language, themes, or content matter, people can miss out on the messages these books hold. So, take a look at some powerful quotes from banned books. “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view.” To Kill a Mockingbird / Harper Lee “More was revealed in a human face than a human being can bear face to face.” One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest / Ken Kesey “We gained control of many things, but we had to let go of others.” The Giver /…

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    64 Inspiring Powerful Quotes About Books and Reading

    As writers and readers, inspiration is everything. When motivation fades and you’re not sure why you write or why you read, quotes like the ones below can remind you. Keep that energy moving by reading some of my favorite quotes about books and reading. “I put a piece of paper under my pillow, and when I could not sleep, I wrote in the dark.” Henry David Thoreau “I have lived a thousand lives and I have loved a thousand loves. I’ve walked on distant worlds and seen the end of time. Because I read.” George R.R. Martin “Old books exert a strange fascination in me; their smell, their feel, their…