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    How To Write Blog Posts for SEO with Checklist

    If you’ve ever written a blog post, you have probably heard of SEO. It’s something everyone talks about when it comes to getting views. But, what is SEO? And, why is it important for blog writing? In today’s post, we’ll learn what SEO means, why it’s important for bloggers, and how to write SEO-friendly blog posts. I have included a free checklist which you can download at the bottom of this post to help you remember to optimize every post you write! What Is SEO? SEO stands for ‘search engine optimization’. Search engines rely on many different factors to determine which posts will best help the browser. These factors include…

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    How To Write a Great Blog Post

    Blog writing is unique; your article needs to be informative, personable, engaging, and specific while adding your personality into the mix. A lot, I know. Each type of writing has its own set of rules and its own struggles. Non-fiction should be informative, and fiction is full of immersion and creativity. When writing a blog post, your content informs, entertains, and relatable. Each niche may have a more specific tone, but overall, each post benefits from many aspects. Your reader should leave your blog feeling like they’ve learned something. It should be an enjoyable experience, and if you want the reader to return, they have to relate to your blog.…