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    How To Create an Aesthetic Bookshelf for Cheap

    The amount of bookshelf inspo I have saved is ridiculous. I love my bookshelf, but seeing these Pinterest worthy insanely amazing bookshelves have me jealous. And so, I wondered how I could have a beautiful aesthetic bookshelf and spend little-to-no money on it. Here’s what I came up with: Tips and Reminders Before I begin, I’d like to say that I think the best bookshelves are unique to each person. And, the most important factor is that you are happy with it and that it functions. A lot of these “Insta-worthy” bookshelves look beautiful because they never get used. But, if you’re like me and like looking through your books…

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    How To Keep Track of Books You Read

    Many bookworms enjoy list-making, journaling, and memory-keeping. One of the most popular lists for readers to make is keeping track of books they read. If you want to keep track of books you read, but aren’t sure how, keep reading to find out. Also, if you’re unsure why keeping track of your reads is beneficial, I discuss that, as well. Why It’s Good To Keep Track of Books You Read You may be wondering why should even take time to keep track of books you read. Well, there are many reasons, but I’ll discuss a few. To Absorb What You’ve Read When you track books you’ve read, you can better…

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    Best Self-Improvement Books To Read Before the New Year

    As we settle into the holiday season and the last month of the year, many of us tend to reflect on the past twelve months. We analyze what we’ve done, what we’ve achieved, and what we hope next year to bring. As such, I find myself reading more self-improvement books and learning about how I can better myself for the year ahead. Self-help books are quite popular now, and some people seem to be divided over them. Are these books worth the money? Do they actually help? Or, is it all just b.s.? Personally, I enjoy self-improvement books and have found them to be quite helpful. If you enjoy them as…

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    How To Read More Books for Less

    Summer’s creeping in and so the reader’s reading more books—is your summer reading bucket list made? Something I used to struggle with was having enough books to read. I wouldn’t purchase another book until I absolutely had to because they can be so pricy. Now, if you prefer reading digital books, you may not be able to relate; however, for those who, like me, enjoy physical books, I’m sure you’ll understand what I’m saying. In the past few I’ve found ways to spend a fraction of the price I used to pay. Say goodbye to that $20 book and hello to the same book for $5! How? Well, allow me…

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    Most Powerful Dystopian Story | Unwind by Neil Shusterman Book Review

    With books like The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, and Divergent, post-apocalyptic and dystopian books are at the height of popularity. With each book pushing further into a terrifying ordeal within a broken world, Unwind is the one that takes this genre to a whole other level. And, that’s what we will discuss in this book review. If you don’t like to hear about teenagers getting hurt, I would recommend not reading this book or this post. There is a pretty intense chapter, but if you enjoy dystopian books, let’s dive in further. In this month’s book review, we will be diving into the twisted world of Unwind by Neil Shusterman and…