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How To Keep Track of Books You Read

Many bookworms enjoy list-making, journaling, and memory-keeping. One of the most popular lists for readers to make is keeping track of books they read. If you want to keep track of books you read, but aren’t sure how, keep reading to find out.

Also, if you’re unsure why keeping track of your reads is beneficial, I discuss that, as well.

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Why It’s Good To Keep Track of Books You Read

You may be wondering why should even take time to keep track of books you read. Well, there are many reasons, but I’ll discuss a few.

To Absorb What You’ve Read

When you track books you’ve read, you can better absorb the story or information. By writing a few sentences summarizing the book, you can fully take in what you’ve read. Also, in the future, if you need or want to remember the story, you can read through the summary you wrote.

To Discover Patterns in Your Reading Habits

Tracking your reads allows you to learn more about your reading habits. You can learn about the types of books you read most, and you can learn which genres and authors you read most often.

Now, with that said, how can you keep track of books you read?

How To Keep Track of Books You Read

If you are someone who is into journaling, you can make a journal-style reading list. You can include what the story was about, what you thought about the book, and your favorite quotes and sections from the book.

However, if you don’t care to write a lot about the stories, and just want a simple tracker, you can make a spreadsheet-style tracker. You can include the date you started the book, when you finished it, and rate the story.

Or, you can do a little bit of both!

If you want to use a pre-made tracker, I have a printable available on my Etsy store.

Printables are great because it’s already made for you, and you can use it over and over again. Also, you receive the printable as soon as you purchase it, so you can get started right away.

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