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10 Free Canva Pinterest Templates for Writers

As writers, exposure and online presence are crucial to growing a career. With the rise of social media, even the most amateur writers can grow their careers simply through the internet. The more work you put out and the larger audience you build will lead to book deals, agents, and everything we wish for as writers.

Even though building a following as a writer is widely accessible, it’s not easy. Developing your writer brand requires patience and constant publishing and posting on blogs, portfolios, and social media.

Pinterest is one of the best platforms to use in growing your brand as an author. Even better, using Pinterest templates can save time and take away the pressures of social media. Today, we’ll be discussing how you can use Pinterest to grow your online presence.

Read to the end as I have 10 free Canva Pinterest templates designed to reach as many people as possible!

Or, if you want to just download the templates, you can sign up here:

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Why Pinterest?

Pinterest differs from other social media platforms in that it also doubles as a search engine. People are constantly searching for new recipes, craft ideas, how-to guides, and so much more. Just as you want your posts, books, products to show up on google, the same should be valid for Pinterest. You should want to focus on Pinterest more as it’s way easier to get traffic through Pinterest than Google or other search engines.

With Pinterest, you simultaneously gain a following and traffic. Every pin you post sends traffic to wherever you direct it—a blog, website, online store, portfolio, etc. The ease Pinterest offers can include much higher conversion rates (the number of people who see your pin to the number of people who click on it).

There’s a whole community full of different niches on Pinterest, and becoming part of that community builds exposure. You can join group boards, direct message fellow writers, and so much more.

The most common stressor in building an online presence is staying consistent. You need to post multiple times a day every day to keep Pinterest promoting and sharing your posts. A lack of consistency will lead to difficulty growing your brand.

And that’s where Canva Pinterest templates and schedulers come in handy.

How Pinterest Templates Can Grow Your Business

It takes as little as an hour a week to schedule pins for an entire month. There’s no need to stress about constantly posting, posting at the correct times, etc., as the scheduler does everything for you.

Tailwind and ORTHERONE are the most popular. I’ve used both, but prefer Tailwind.

I spend about an hour a week scheduling pins as far out as a few months (though you can plan further out), and that’s pretty much all the time spent on social media. I do spend a couple of minutes every few days to manually repin, comment, and follow as I enjoy it, and it does help Pinterest’s algorithm to recommend your pins.

Not only do schedules save time, but they also allow you to see the best times to post, get insights into your best pins, and add the best-performing pins on a loop!


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Now is the time to focus on building your brand as a writer with Pinterest templates and schedulers! As always, if you have any questions, feel free to comment below, as I’d love to hear from you.

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