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How To Create a Writer’s Journal

A writer’s journal is a space where you can let all of your thoughts run wild. You can customize it however you want and turn it into a truly special place.

It’s great to look back on. You can quickly develop the smallest ideas into full stories.

Today we’ll look at how you can create your own writer’s notebook and ideas of what to put inside.

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How To Create a Writer’s Journal

A writer’s journal is unique to each writer, and as you use it, that specialness will come out more. For now, though, here are some tips you can use to create your notebook.

You’ll want to invest in a decent notebook or journal. If it’s a really cheap one, it may fall apart while you’re using it. So, I recommend looking for a durable journal that’s a suitable size for you.

And, if you plan to use markers or heavier pens, you’ll want to make sure the paper is thick enough to stop the ink from seeping through.

I prefer dotted notebooks as they allow for more creativity and I enjoy the look, but you can choose lined, grid, or any other paper type you like.

Here are some notebooks I recommend:

  • Moleskine Dotted Notebook
    • Classic notebook (always available and consistent)
    • Many colors
    • Lighter paper (markers do bleed through)

For writing tools, each person has their own preference, but I’d suggest avoiding pencils as they tend to smear and smudge and your work can be ruined. Pens are a great staple, but I prefer fineliners like the ones from Micron. They look lovely and write smoothly.

I also enjoy color-coding, so I’d also recommend getting some highlighters! My favorites are the Zebra highlighters. They come in so many colors and look gorgeous. Other than that, you may want to get some stickers, stamps, or post-its, but that’s all personal preference.

My recommendations:

URSUNSHINE Dotted Grid Journal

Micron Fineliners

Zebra Highlighters

To begin your journal you can create pre-made sections to keep everything organized and easy to find. However, it can be hard to know what sections you’ll need and how much space you’ll need for each, so I like creating a title page and just starting from there. For some inspiration, Pinterest is your best bet. There are so many lovely writer journals there and here are some of my favorites.

Things To Add To Your Writer’s Journal

What you decide to put in your writer’s notebook is entirely up to you. But, if you’re not sure where to begin, here are some ideas:

  • Writing Prompts
  • Story Ideas
  • Story Notes
  • Writing Inspiration
  • Inspiring Quotes
  • Story Boards
  • Your Frustrations with Writing
  • Writing challenges
  • Journaling about Projects and How They’re Coming Along

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