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50 Free Writing Prompts for Creative Writers

Deciding what to write about doesn’t always come easy. Mainly if you write every day, some ideas seem to pop into your mind with ease, while other times, the ideas seem to avoid you purposefully. Writing prompts (especially free writing prompts) can help give you the jumpstart on your writing with an already thought-up idea. Sometimes, when using a writing prompt, your story ends up following the prompt entirely. However, other times, your story takes an entirely different path, and the prompt was just a helping hand in reaching the destination.

If you are going through a bit of writer’s block, here are 50 free writing prompts that will bypass the block no problem.

To double check your writing, I recommend using Grammarly (they have a free and paid version).

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  • And, therefore, the cycle continues.

  • You can only see the parts of me you will never be able to forget.

  • The forest beckoned me.

  • With everything he’d been taught, he packed his belongings and ran away.

  • For once, she decided to do what’s right and raised her hand.

  • She grabbed the sword and changed her fate.

  • Running down the mountain and gasping for air, he gave up.

  • On the way to the sea, I heard someone call to me.

  • Who would’ve known that would be it?

  • With all my might, I pried the lock off the door.


  • A quiet teen who discovers they can read minds.

  • A group of citizens are banished from a futuristic city and must come together to survive.

  • The only one who can save humanity from oblivion is trapped far below the surface.

  • An archeologist finds a stone once thought to be mythological.

  • A recluse must rescue the person who saved their life.

  • To save his family, an officer must find and hide a confidential document.

  • In the middle of the most challenging point in her life, a widow must come to terms with the new life she leads.

  • Running from the past, a teacher moves countries and takes on a new identity.

  • After discovering their family is not what they seem, a teenager takes matters into their own hands in finding the truth.

  • Found in a cave as an infant, a woman looks for the truth about her birth.


Science Fiction

  • The air turns toxic, and the only way to go outside is with a special injection only available for 500 people.

  • A confidential document containing proof of aliens has been leaked, and society begins to fall.

  • Time begins to speed up, and no one can figure out why.

  • A time-traveler’s machine has been stolen, and they must find it to get back home.


  • Each person possesses powers from one of the four seasons.

  • An explorer finds a hidden world on an island filled with every mythological creature ever created.

  • A broken mirror turns out to lead to a fantasy world.

Young Adult

  • A young college student must honor her father’s wishes by destroying the postcards he sent around the country.

  • A high school senior decides to change their fate by becoming a better person.

  • A group of friends struggles to traverse the reality of the world and grow further apart.


  • An abandoned library traps a group of explorers inside.

  • A curious empire created in medieval times.

  • A terrible storm appears out of nowhere.

  • A journey through what used to be a rainforest in the year 3050.

  • Write a short story that takes place solely in one location.

  • A trek through a massive swamp.

  • A character wakes up in a cave with no recollection of how they got there.

  • On a mountain top, vanity is the character’s downfall.

  • A story that takes place in a rage-filled cemetery.

  • A whole town that finds out they’re not connected to the rest of the world.


  • Add a chapter to your favorite book.

  • Create a story using lyrics from your favorite song.

  • Write a story that takes place in your hometown.

  • Choose a character from your favorite book and place them in a new story.

  • Give yourself limits: Write a story in under 1,000 words. Now, write the same story in under 500 words. Then, write it again in under 250. Take note of how much could be cut without destroying the plot. Take note of which length is most challenging and of any struggles you face.

  • Combine two of your favorite books and find a way to intertwine the stories.

  • Take one of the above prompts and create a flash fiction story. Each day for 30 days, add a new sentence to the end and see where it takes you.

  • Incorporate a new character into a story you’ve already written.

  • Take one of the above prompts or think of your own and write backward. Start with the end and write your way to the beginning.

  • What’s one goal you never thought possible to achieve? Write about that.

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