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    20 Unusual Romance Creative Writing Prompts for Writers

    Romance is one of the biggest, most popular genres, not only for novels, but also for poetry, movies, and more. And, with the thousands of romance stories written, it can be challenging to come up with new ideas. If you enjoy writing romance, but are having trouble brainstorming ideas, here are some creative writing prompts and story ideas that will hopefully lead you to your next great romance story. A heartbroken man turns to a mysterious visitor for help. A blind date becomes the adventure of a lifetime when an apocalyptic storm approaches. The character falls in love with someone who claims they’ve been dead for ten years. After meeting…

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    20 Interesting Visual Romance Writing Prompts

    Since people really seemed to enjoy my previous visual writing prompts post, I thought I’d make another one! If you enjoy romance, these images are perfect for inspiring your writing. Did any of these photos spark inspiration? If so, get to writing! Again, be sure to let me know which posts you’d like to see next; though I’d love to hear what your favorite posts are. Also, to learn more about writer’s block or gaining inspiration, check out the posts below. Don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest, because we have a ton of extra inspiration. Keeping up with creating new stories constantly can be challenging to say the least.…

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    35 Romance Writing Prompts to Inspire Your Heart

    Romance is an increasingly popular genre. With all the romance stories in existence, it can be challenging for a writer to create a new, exciting love story. If you are trying to write a romance story but aren’t sure what to write about, here are some romance writing prompts to inspire you. If you’d like to see more writing prompts, you can check out my other posts here. A romance story that takes place at your favorite restaurant. The main character has moved far away from their love interest. A romance story about a 70-year-old woman finding love. The main characters haven’t spoken in ten years. A story where the…