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35 Romance Writing Prompts to Inspire Your Heart

Romance is an increasingly popular genre. With all the romance stories in existence, it can be challenging for a writer to create a new, exciting love story. If you are trying to write a romance story but aren’t sure what to write about, here are some romance writing prompts to inspire you.

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A romance story that takes place at your favorite restaurant.

The main character has moved far away from their love interest.

A romance story about a 70-year-old woman finding love.

The main characters haven’t spoken in ten years.

A story where the characters are each on separate road trips and meet at a rest stop.

The love interest works as a florist.

Use your favorite characters from two separate stories to bring the worlds together.

The main character is afraid of thunderstorms and the love interest helps calm them down when it starts storming outside of the store they are in.

A story where an obsession with mythology brings the characters together.

The main character has the ability to create and manipulate darkness.

A minimalist and a maximalist fall in love.

The characters were once best friends but had a falling out and develop a relationship when they reconnect.

A romance story that takes place in a country you’ve always wanted to visit.

The characters meet on a cruise ship.

A futuristic romance story where the characters meet in space.

The main characters speak different languages and must learn to communicate with each other.

A romance story that takes place in a haunted house.

Enemies to lovers, but it takes place entirely online.

A sci-fi romance story where the characters meet in virtual reality.

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The characters must compete against each other to win a competition.

Use two characters you dislike (from tv, movies, books, etc.) and bring them together.

The characters meet at a street festival.

A romance story that takes place entirely on a 17-hour airplane flight.

An art collector falls in love with an artist.

The characters meet while snorkeling.

A romance story where the main character wins the lottery.

The main character is an aspiring athlete.

A time-traveler goes back in time and falls in love.

The main characters fall in love in multiple parallel universes.

A couple’s love story starts from the end and ends at the beginning.

The characters fall in love while stranded on a desert island.

A romance story where the characters meet in a labyrinth.

The characters only ever meet each other in their dreams.

A personal investigator falls in love with their target.

A couple’s love story told from the perspective of a stranger.

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