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What To Do With Your Amazing Story Ideas

Okay, I have some great story ideas! But, what do I do with it?

If you’re anything like me, you have a list of story ideas that are sitting around waiting to be turned into the next greatest story. But, most don’t ever become anything more than an idea.

And, some ideas are good, but they just aren’t good enough to do anything with. Others are perfect but continue to sit for a number of other reasons.

You never know which idea will turn into the ‘next big thing’ so it’s good to give them a chance. But, you can’t write an entire novel for every idea you have, so what can you do with a story idea?

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Test Your Story Ideas Before Committing

To better understand if you should turn your idea into something bigger you can test it out by writing flash fiction! Create a quick 250-1,500-word story and then decide if it’s worth expanding or trashing.

Just an idea alone is often misleading in its prospects; sometimes an idea you love leads to nowhere, while an idea you aren’t sure about ends up working much better. Before putting in the effort in creating an entire novel or script, test the idea first with a simple flash fiction story.

What To Do With Your Story Idea?

There are many forms of writing, and some stories work better as books while some are better on the screen. You may start writing a novella but soon realize that the story would work so much better as a television show.

It’s okay to play around with different media and see which fits your story best. Here are some options:

Short Story

Great for adding to your portfolio, short stories are usually around 1,500-10,000 words.


A shorter form of a novel, novellas are perfect for beginner writers to get familiar with the process of writing long stories. They are usually 10,000-40,000 words.


Anything over 50,000 words is usually considered a novel. One of the more popular forms of writing for aspiring writers, writing your first novel is sure to leave you feeling accomplished.

Movie Screenplay

Though screenplays can seem daunting, they are so much fun to write and great to add variety to your skillset. If you are interested in writing a screenplay but aren’t sure how you can read this post.

TV Script

TV scripts are great for stories that require a lot of visualization. Again, if you are interested in writing tv scripts, you can read this post.

Video Game

Story-driven video games need writers, and not many aspiring writers consider video game writing. Not for everyone, it’s a fun medium to try and comes with its own style.

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