50 Interesting AI Generated Writing Prompts - Story Starters featured image

50 Interesting AI-Generated Writing Prompts – Story Starters

This was my first time trying all the new AI that’s coming out. I have quite mixed feelings about it, but that’s something we’ll save for another day. I was curious, though, and wanted to see what kind of writing prompts the AI could come up with. And here’s what I found: some were good, and some were odd to say the least. I went through so many to find some gems I thought I’d share with you. Here are 50 interesting AI-generated story starters and writing prompts.

50 Interesting AI Generated Writing Prompts - Story Starters pinterest graphic

AI Generated Writing Prompts – Story Starters

  • The old house stood at the edge of the forest. Its windows were cracked and its walls whispering stories of a forgotten past.
  • The first snowflake danced in the air, heralding the arrival of winter and the beginning of a journey she never expected to take.
  • The sound of a gunshot shattered the tranquility of the night, leaving behind a trail of unanswered questions.
  • As the ship sailed towards the horizon. He knew he was leaving behind everything he had ever known. Still he ventured into the unknown with only his dreams as a compass.
  • The carnival arrived overnight. Its colorful tents and enchanting melodies awakening a sense of wonder in the hearts of those who dared to enter.
  • The ancient book lay forgotten on the dusty shelf, its pages holding secrets that could change the course of history.
  • In a world where dreams were bought and sold, she clung to the fragments of her own imagination.
  • The clock struck midnight, and the doors of the abandoned mansion creaked open, inviting the curious and the brave to uncover its mysteries.
  • The art gallery was a sanctuary of colors and emotions, drawing her into a world where brushstrokes held the power to heal or destroy.
The art gallery was a sanctuary of colors and emotions, drawing her into a world where brushstrokes held the power to heal or destroy.
  • In the heart of the forest, a hidden portal awaited those who dared to believe in magic.
  • The letter arrived in a tattered envelope. Its contents unraveled a web of lies and deceit that threatened to consume her.
  • The city had always been known for its rain, but that day, it started pouring something entirely unexpected.
  • On a planet where dreams became reality, one person’s nightmares began to reshape the world.

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  • The old bookstore was filled with ordinary books, except for the one that seemed to be written just for her.
  • Floating through space, the astronaut noticed a constellation that shouldn’t exist—an arrangement of stars that spelled out a message.
  • The carnival had an unusual attraction: a mirror that showed not your reflection, but the person you could have been.
  • On the island where time moved backward, she found herself reliving her life in reverse, seeking the moment that had led to it all.
  • The lighthouse had been abandoned for decades, but its beam still reached out, guiding lost souls instead of ships.
  • The first snowfall of the year was different this time. It fell in hues of red, and it wasn’t snow at all.
  • After years of searching, the treasure hunter finally found the map that led to a chest containing not gold, but the answers to his life’s questions.
  • The typewriter wrote its own stories, predicting the future with each keystroke. But, no one knew who had set it in motion.
  • The whispers in the wind turned out to be messages from another dimension, and decoding them was the key to saving two worlds.
  • A door appeared in the middle of the meadow. Those who walked through it found themselves in a realm made of their own thoughts.
  • She woke up with the ability to see people’s auras, only to realize that each hue represented a person’s imminent fate.
She woke up with the ability to see people's auras, only to realize that each hue represented a person's imminent fate.

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  • The bookstore had an unusual policy: customers could only purchase a book if they could convince it to leave the shelf.
  • On the eve of the comet’s arrival, people discovered that their forgotten childhood imaginary friends had returned with a purpose.
  • The antique mirror in Clara’s attic opened a portal to a world where mythical creatures sought refuge from the chaos of reality.
  • In a town where all technology mysteriously ceased to function, a group of kids stumbled upon an underground sanctuary of forgotten gadgets.
  • As the sun set on the longest day of the year, shadows gained a life of their own, revealing hidden desires and fears.
  • In a society where names determined destiny, a child was born with a name that had been erased from every record.
  • The ocean’s tide began receding to reveal a lost city, but its return was tied to a cryptic riddle hidden in ancient seashells.
  • A time traveler became stranded in the Renaissance era and had to navigate a world where their future knowledge was both a gift and a curse.
  • The house at the end of the street was rumored to grant a single wish to anyone brave enough to spend the night within its walls.
  • As the last star blinked out in the sky, Amelia realized she was the sole witness to the cosmic phenomenon.
  • The forgotten diary arrived in the mail, filled with entries that seemed to predict the future.
The forgotten diary arrived in the mail, filled with entries that seemed to predict the future.

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  • Rain tapped on the window like a code, and little did Lily know, it was the start of an unexpected adventure.
  • At the edge of the enchanted forest, a peculiar cat with emerald eyes started speaking in rhymes.
  • The music box played a melody that led Luca through a hidden door into a world of living toys.
  • A field of tulips suddenly began to change color in response to the thoughts of anyone who walked through it.
  • With a single touch, Mark could see a person’s greatest regret and offer them a chance to change it.
  • The town had always been known for its peculiar weather, but nobody was prepared for the rain that fell upwards.
  • In a world where emotions were bought and sold, he was the last person who refused to trade his feelings.
  • The inventor’s latest creation was a machine that allowed people to enter their dreams. But, something was coming back with them.
  • As the antique mirror shattered, a thousand different versions of her spilled out into the room.
  • Her paintings were always vivid and lifelike, but nobody knew she was painting scenes from a future yet to unfold.
  • In a world of eternal night, a group of astronomers discovered a hidden realm where the sun still shone.
  • After years of searching, he finally found the mythical fountain of youth, only to realize its true cost.
  • The snow globe wasn’t just a decoration; it held a miniature world that mirrored our own in unexpected ways.
  • The antique mirror in the attic had a peculiar habit of reflecting not what was in front of it, but rather what lay behind.
  • As the stars began to disappear from the night sky, astronomers raced against time to uncover the cosmic mystery.

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