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    Unique Writing Prompts for Adults with PDF Printable

    Expand your writing skills with short prompts perfect for short stories. These single sentence writing prompts can spark inspiration for story ideas, and can help break through writer’s block. I’ve also included a free PDF printable so you can print these out and keep them close. So, here are 20 short story writing prompts for adults! He slammed into the door and suddenly, he was gone. The unrelenting shadows circled me. That was the day we lost the conquest, and that was the day the birds ceased to sing. “Your strange desperation is beginning to break our lives.” The lighthouse held the treasure, but only I knew the nightmare it…

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    Unique Creative Writing Prompts for Writers

    Grow your next story from these unique creative writing prompts. Use them to practice writing or to inspire an entire novel. From sci-fi to horror to locations and characters, there are different prompts for every taste. So, here are 50 unique creative writing prompts for you to check out: Creative Writing Prompts If you’re enjoying, please be sure to share on Pinterest! Check out my other writing prompt posts here! Sign up for my mailing list and receive exclusive content, printables, and more! Similar Posts You May Find Helpful:

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    150+ Ultimate Writing Prompt Master Post

    I’ve created this writing prompt master post for you! These are all of the writing prompts I’ve created split into different categories including dialogue, titles, sentences, etc. I will be adding to this post as I create more prompts. So, whenever you’re looking for inspiration, you can check here, and hopefully find something that speaks to you! Dialogue Prompts “Everything told me to run, but they froze me and I could not move.” “It was always us against them, our species against theirs. And now, we needed them.” “The trees told me danger was coming and I didn’t have long.” “The silence of the storm was deadly, but it was…

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    31 Best Fantasy Writing Prompts for the Magical Writer

    Get ready to dive into the whimsical world with these fantasy writing prompts. I’ve created some dialogue, title, and character prompts for you to gain some story ideas from. You can work on a prompt by itself, or combine two for more of a challenge! Happy writing! Dialogue Writing Prompts “Everything told me to run, but they froze me and I could not move.” “It was always us against them, our species against theirs. And now, we needed them.” “The trees told me danger was coming and I didn’t have long.” “The silence of the storm was deadly, but it was too late to run.” “I knew who the butterfly…

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    35 Romance Writing Prompts to Inspire Your Heart

    Romance is an increasingly popular genre. With all the romance stories in existence, it can be challenging for a writer to create a new, exciting love story. If you are trying to write a romance story but aren’t sure what to write about, here are some romance writing prompts to inspire you. If you’d like to see more writing prompts, you can check out my other posts here. A romance story that takes place at your favorite restaurant. The main character has moved far away from their love interest. A romance story about a 70-year-old woman finding love. The main characters haven’t spoken in ten years. A story where the…

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    Dark Writing Prompts That Will Haunt Your Mind

    Dark and mysterious stories that push our understanding of the world are some of the most famous books, especially throughout the last decade. Books like The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Giver, and The Handmaid’s Tale grab hold of our curiosity in how deep society can fall. Sometimes these stories are so staggering that you wonder how the ideas were thought of. And, for the writer, these dark plots can be just as exciting to write as they are to read. If you’ve wanted to write a similar story but weren’t sure what to write about, you can use the following prompts to gain some inspiration. And, perhaps, one will lead to a full novel.…

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    40 Interesting Visual Writing Prompts to Spark Inspiration

    From preventing writer’s block to strengthening your skills, visual writing prompts are among the most underrated tools in the writing community. So, if you don’t regularly use writing prompts to spark inspiration, you are missing out on a great writing exercise. Simply look at a visual writing prompt, then think of a story that takes place there or is about a character in the image. Then, write a flash fiction story based on the picture. To challenge yourself further, try writing a story based on the image in under 250 words; or, you can write down the first five words you think of when you look at the picture and…

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    50 Free Writing Prompts for Creative Writers

    Deciding what to write about doesn’t always come easy. Mainly if you write every day, some ideas seem to pop into your mind with ease, while other times, the ideas seem to avoid you purposefully. Writing prompts (especially free writing prompts) can help give you the jumpstart on your writing with an already thought-up idea. Sometimes, when using a writing prompt, your story ends up following the prompt entirely. However, other times, your story takes an entirely different path, and the prompt was just a helping hand in reaching the destination. If you are going through a bit of writer’s block, here are 50 free writing prompts that will bypass…

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    Writing Tips

    Writing Prompts for Adults to Beat Writer’s Block

    Using writing prompts is one of the best ways to practice your writing and improve your craft. Not only that, but they can also lead you to your next significant work. Dedicate time each day to writing (at least five minutes) and use these writing prompts to spark ideas, use as jumping-off points, and gain a different perspective on stories. Jump To Writing Prompt Genres: Sci-Fi/Fantasy Romance Young Adult Horror Miscellaneous Sci-fi/Fantasy Write about what you think would happen if artificial intelligence advanced too far What’s your favorite season? Create a fantasy world based on the things you love about that season. If you could create your own world, what…