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How To Develop a Unique Writing Style – Find Your Writing Voice

You know how you sometimes see a piece of art and know exactly who it’s by without looking at the artist? Well, that uniqueness is also what writers hope to capture. But what exactly allows you to know who created a piece of art? Maybe it’s the way they combined different mediums or the unique brushstrokes they used. Visually, it all comes together to create that artist’s style. But how do we create our own style in writing? Well, let’s take a look at the different elements of writing and how we can mold them into a unique voice. I’ll also leave some tips that you can use to develop your style. Let’s find your writing voice!

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Elements of Writing

These are some aspects of writing that can impact your style and set your work apart from other authors.

  • Genre
  • Tone
  • Dialogue
  • Structure

The broadest aspect of your personal writing is probably the genre you excel in and/or stick to. There are heart-stopping romance writers like Nicholas Sparks and imaginative fantasy writers like J. R. R. Tolkien. So what genre do you want to be known for? Deciding what type of writer you want people to think of you as is a great way to begin developing your style.

But there are many amazing authors of all genres, and developing your voice involves going deeper.

I should say, though, don’t worry too much about having a unique writing style when you’re just starting. It will come with time and your writing will naturally mold into something unique as you progress.

That being said, understanding what makes writing styles unique can go a long way in helping you understand your own writing and how you want people to see you as an author. So, what are some other aspects that really carve out a writer’s style?

Structure and dialogue are, I think, the main building blocks of a unique voice. How you write stories is what really sets you apart. Are your stories full of unique dialogue? Is your writing straightforward and easy to read? Do you break a lot of ‘traditional’ writing rules?

Hopefully, you are beginning to understand what makes a writer’s work unique. And, to help you understand your own writing style, here are some questions to reflect on and some tips.

Developing Your Writing Style

  • consider what you like to read
  • try different things (writing mediums, genres, story lengths, etc.)
  • listen to your instinct (what feels right to you?)
  • remember it takes time to figure out your style
  • look over stories you’ve written (are there any common themes, styles, etc.?)
  • ask yourself: what do I want people to take away from my writing?
    • What do I want readers to feel?
    • What do I like to write about?
    • What genre do I enjoy most?


Ultimately, you will subconsciously develop a unique voice as you write more. It’s something that takes time and trial and error to find. Your life—who you are, what you’ve experienced, how you grew up—will all influence how you write. Don’t overthink it. It will come with time. The best thing is to try new things with your writing and see what you enjoy.

You can begin to envision what your style may be by looking at your writing and finding common themes.

Writing is an art, and sometimes you need to bend the rules to find something special.

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