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Motivating Wallpapers Free Download and How to Stay Motivated

Are you searching for motivating wallpapers to boost the motivation you are lacking to achieve your goals?

Have you found yourself in a sort of limbo with your aspirations? You feel as though you’re trying and trying, but no matter what you do, your goals seem farther away than ever. That feeling, the frustration, can be so disheartening and may drain any motivation you hold.

Having positive, motivating wallpapers, quotes, images, and other decorations around you daily can help you stay focused and to push through the upset on the journey to achieving your goals. Keep reading to get a free download of ten motivating phone wallpapers and find out how to stay motivated!

be stubborn about your goals and flexible about your methods

Stay Curious

Using your interests is one of the best ways to stay motivated. Think back to high school. Was there one subject you were interested in and excelled in, but one you had no interest in and didn’t do as great at?

When you have a genuine interest in something, you’re more likely to follow through with it. According to the APA, findings from a neuroimaging analysis found that the striatum (a part of the brain associated with reward systems) is associated with people taking risks to satisfy their curiosity (Murayama, 2018). In other words, curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back.

No matter your goal, find ways to incorporate your interests. If your goal is to write a book, and you love fantasy, write about that. Don’t write about something like horror if you’ve no interest in it.

Change Your Mindset

Simply, if you don’t believe you will achieve your goals, you probably won’t. Of course, thinking you will doesn’t guarantee your success, but it makes it possible–it puts it into motion.

As soon as you doubt your abilities, you limit yourself. If you don’t believe you’re good at writing, chances are, you’ll never try, even if writing a novel is one of your goals.

Including affirmations, positive quotes, and motivating wallpapers and decor around you daily can help you alter your thoughts. This doesn’t happen overnight and requires a great deal of mindfulness, but once you build that optimistic attitude, it will come naturally.

never lose your sense of wonder

If you find yourself unmotivated to achieve your goals, download these free ten motivational phone wallpapers so you’ll always be inspired.

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Murayama, K. (2018, June). The science of motivation.

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