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    Unique Writing Prompts for Adults with PDF Printable

    Expand your writing skills with short prompts perfect for short stories. These single sentence writing prompts can spark inspiration for story ideas, and can help break through writer’s block. I’ve also included a free PDF printable so you can print these out and keep them close. So, here are 20 short story writing prompts for adults! He slammed into the door and suddenly, he was gone. The unrelenting shadows circled me. That was the day we lost the conquest, and that was the day the birds ceased to sing. “Your strange desperation is beginning to break our lives.” The lighthouse held the treasure, but only I knew the nightmare it…

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    Unique Creative Writing Prompts for Writers

    Grow your next story from these unique creative writing prompts. Use them to practice writing or to inspire an entire novel. From sci-fi to horror to locations and characters, there are different prompts for every taste. So, here are 50 unique creative writing prompts for you to check out: Creative Writing Prompts If you’re enjoying, please be sure to share on Pinterest! Check out my other writing prompt posts here! Sign up for my mailing list and receive exclusive content, printables, and more! Similar Posts You May Find Helpful:

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    Horror,  How To

    How To Write a Horror Story | What Makes Great Horror Stories

    As Halloween approaches, so too do all of the best horror stories. I haven’t spent much time discussing tips and tricks for writing specific genres, but I thought now is the perfect time to go over horror. If you’ve been wanting to learn how to write horror, read on to find out what makes a great scary story. What Makes Great Horror Stories? (How To Write a Horror Story) The elements of a great horror story are usually the same. An excellent horror story evokes fear in the viewer/reader, creates surprise and shock, and feels real. To learn how to evoke fear, you must understand the different types of fear…

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    150+ Ultimate Writing Prompt Master Post

    I’ve created this writing prompt master post for you! These are all of the writing prompts I’ve created split into different categories including dialogue, titles, sentences, etc. I will be adding to this post as I create more prompts. So, whenever you’re looking for inspiration, you can check here, and hopefully find something that speaks to you! Dialogue Prompts “Everything told me to run, but they froze me and I could not move.” “It was always us against them, our species against theirs. And now, we needed them.” “The trees told me danger was coming and I didn’t have long.” “The silence of the storm was deadly, but it was…

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    35 Romance Writing Prompts to Inspire Your Heart

    Romance is an increasingly popular genre. With all the romance stories in existence, it can be challenging for a writer to create a new, exciting love story. If you are trying to write a romance story but aren’t sure what to write about, here are some romance writing prompts to inspire you. If you’d like to see more writing prompts, you can check out my other posts here. A romance story that takes place at your favorite restaurant. The main character has moved far away from their love interest. A romance story about a 70-year-old woman finding love. The main characters haven’t spoken in ten years. A story where the…

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    How To,  Writing Tips

    How To Write a Short Story

    Naturally, many people think that the longer a story is, the harder it must be to write, but often the opposite is true. As your word count lowers, you must condense the plot further and further, while still being vivid and immersive. Every word must be used carefully, and each sentence needs to be well thought out. When writing short stories, there are a few tips that can help make the process easier. And, if you don’t know where to start, there are some basic rules to follow. However, to learn how to write a short story, we first need to know exactly what qualifies as one. So, what is…

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    How To,  Writing Tips

    How To Outline a Novel

    Learning how to outline a novel is perhaps the most crucial step in writing. An outline laid out with all of the details and stages of the story leads to a more uniform, more engaging read with fewer plot holes and less confusion. Along with an outline, you need to keep track of your story’s details like characters, timelines, locations, and more. Finding a way to organize all of this can be challenging, but today we’ll make it as easy as possible. I’ll be breaking down exactly how to outline your novel from beginning to end and how you can organize the important information. On top of that, I will…

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    How To

    How To Find Writing Inspiration

    The inspiration for writing can come from anywhere and at any time. But, sometimes the inspiration stops flowing and you need to go looking for it yourself. Where do you go? How do you find writing inspiration? Whether through your daily life or online, there are hundreds of places you can look for inspiration—and that’s exactly how we’ll be breaking down how to find writing inspiration: online and offline. There are reasons someone may choose to look offline for inspiration as opposed to online, and vice versa. Though the internet has an abundance of writing plots, ideas, and inspiration, using your personal life can be more unique and meaningful. However, finding…