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Unique Writing Prompts for Adults with PDF Printable

Expand your writing skills with short prompts perfect for short stories. These single sentence writing prompts can spark inspiration for story ideas, and can help break through writer’s block. I’ve also included a free PDF printable so you can print these out and keep them close. So, here are 20 short story writing prompts for adults!

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He slammed into the door and suddenly, he was gone.

The unrelenting shadows circled me.

That was the day we lost the conquest, and that was the day the birds ceased to sing.

“Your strange desperation is beginning to break our lives.”

The lighthouse held the treasure, but only I knew the nightmare it would bring.

Our sadness quickly turned to panic when the body rose from the grave.

As they began to investigate the conspiracy, they unraveled something unexpected.

In the beginning, the sun began to dim.

The eastern river ran dry the day they arrived to town.

Our book held one wish for each of us, and he was after it.

He fooled the captain and their perilous journey began.

She couldn’t believe the greatness that was inside this envelope.

The monster was finally captured for everyone to see.

Despite the unbelievable odds, she escaped the labyrinth.

And as the paper burned, he burned with it.

Caught in the mirage, I forced myself to play the part.

“I followed your cries here and this is where I found you.”

Not knowing who was lying, she decided to put the suit on and hope she wasn’t wrong.

He confessed to the crimes, knowing the chaos that was about to take place.

The wolves howled as the battle began.

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Short Story Writing prompts for adults printable

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