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The Absolute Best Apps for Writers

Writers need to stay organized, and between all the plots, characters, and everything else that comes with storytelling, it can be difficult. Throughout the years, I’ve found staple apps that have helped me to stay focused, productive, and organized in my writing projects.

So, keep reading to find out what my favorite apps for writers are.

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Story Planner

Brainstorm, Plan, & Create

This app has been my go-to for developing story ideas since college. Although it is pricy ($9.99), this is an excellent app for any avid writers, especially those who have multiple stories going at once.

This is one of the best apps for writers as it is a story bible for every project in one place. (For more information on story bibles and how they can help your writing, check out this post.) You can create multiple projects, and in each, you can write down project details like tags, a premise, theme, genre, and more. You are also able to write down character details, locations, plots, scenes, and it gives you statistics for your story like how many acts, characters, etc.

I purchased this app in a bundle with a few other writing apps off of the App Store at a discounted price, so I’d recommend looking out for bundle deals if you are looking to purchase multiple apps.

Even though it is a little pricey, there are no in-app purchases or ads, which are becoming more common.

If I could recommend only a single app for writers, it would be this one; it has everything you need.

Pros & Cons


  • Available on phones, desktop, and tablet
  • Can sync with other devices
  • Has ability to lock
  • Automatic backups


  • Expensive
  • Not the best for beginners

Lists for Writers

A Staple App for Any Writer

This app is a staple for me. If you’re developing a story idea, this is a wonderful resource for character information, genres, grammar, and more.

Lists for Writers costs $2.99 on the App Store, which isn’t too bad. Again, there are no ads or in-app purchases, so in my opinion, three dollars is reasonable.

Having all of this different information about writing in one space always ready to go is beyond convenient, but you could create your own lists after a simple Google search for free. So, I guess whether the price is worth it or not depends on if you want to take the time to make your own lists.

Whichever you choose, having things like character descriptions, personality traits, plot lines, occupations, etc., close by is so beneficial when writing.

Pros & Cons


  • Convenient
  • Affordable
  • A lot of information


  • Can create your own lists for free

Writing Challenge

Spark Creativity

Out of all of the apps for writers, when it comes to writing practice, this is the app. Strengthen your writing muscles and let your creativity flow with these challenges.

It gives you a challenge, and you write for a certain amount of time (you can choose between one and ten minutes or no time at all), and then it will give you a twist or something to add.

This quick exercise is a great way to break through writer’s block and help stop the perfectionist mentality. Because your time is limited each step, you don’t have time to worry about whether or not what you’re writing is good—you just write.

For $3.99, though I’m not sure that it’s one of the best or worth the money. The next app on this list might be the better option, but if you have an extra four dollars, it is pretty useful.

This app came in the bundle that I previously discussed, so it was cheaper to get the bundle with the four apps than just the three I wanted; otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have purchased it.

So, if you can get this one in the bundle, it’s a great option.

Pros & Cons


  • Great practice
  • Decent amount of challenges


  • Pricy

IDeas for Writing


If you don’t think the Writing Challenge app is for you, this one might be a better fit. Not only is it cheaper ($1.99), but it also has more options.

You can chose from four different generators, depending on what kind of prompt you want. There are opening lines, titles, characters, and words that will be randomly generated. There are also various exercises that are based on the prompts.

Writing practice apps for writers are great for gaining writing practice, overcoming writer’s block, or just sparking your imagination.


  • Affordable
  • Many options
  • Great exercises


  • None


Stay Focused

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from Flora
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from Flora

If you struggle to stay focused on writing, this app is a must-have. I use the free version, but there is a paid version, and your focus has a real impact. Once you reach a certain amount of hours with the paid version, trees get planted. Yes, that’s right, you get to help the environment while staying productive.

For more information, you can check out their website.

You can choose however long of a timer you want, and then you can’t leave the app until the time’s up. If you leave the app before the timer goes off, your tree dies, and let me tell you, the guilt is real when that happens.

Besides the guilt that comes if you leave the app, seeing how focused you were each week is a great motivator.

If you tend to get distracted, especially if you get distracted with your phone, this app is a great way to avoid distractions and get some writing done.


  • Both free and paid versions
  • Real environmental impact
  • Customizable


  • None

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