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Achieve Your Big Goals Easily With This Productivity Planner PDF

As someone who always has multiple projects in progress, trying to remember all that needs to be done for each idea can be difficult, to say the least.

What did I need to research for that post? When was that story being published? Did I post to Instagram today? Oh, and don’t I have a dentist appointment tomorrow?

Life gets complicated, and tasks pile-up; it’s inevitable, but that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. We just need to refocus and realign our goals, plan out projects in a more simplified way, and get to work on reaching the goals we set for ourselves.

This digital un-dated productivity planner can help you to stay on top of each project you are in the midst of, the goals you set for yourself, and everything else you tend to forget or overlook. Whether you’ve been planning a new business or trying to write a book, having a way to prepare, track, and review your projects can make all the difference between dreaming and doing.

This planner should help you achieve your goals by allowing you to keep a simple, single focus each month (whether or not that’s related to a goal) and track your progress in whatever you hope to achieve with monthly reviews and weekly goals.

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Do you need an easier way to track all of your goals and projects? If so, keep reading!

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What Is This Digital Productivity Planner?

This planner is designed to help you set your focus, intentions, and goals each month in a way that can better aid you in achieving your goals. You’ll be able to track your progress and review each month to understand better what works and what doesn’t. Also, with motivating quote pages for each month, you’ll be constantly inspired and uplifted to reach your goals!

As an undated planner, there’s no need to worry about starting it in March, May, August–even December. No wasted pages! The un-dated setup also allows you to plan as you like, whether that be starting the week on Monday or Sunday. Which do you prefer? I’m a week begins on Sunday person lol.

Digital planners have become my personal go-to, but don’t fret if you are a pen-and-paper type of person. After downloading the PDF file, you’ll be able to print out the pages and combine them into your own standard physical planner. Then, you can print them out from home or send them somewhere to be printed for you (like Walmart photo center or somewhere similar). I prefer the latter as ink is expensive, and I find it simpler to have someone print everything for me.

However, if you prefer digital planning, you can import the PDF into a program like Goodnotes, Procreate, etc. (Goodnotes is my go-to) and start planning right away. If you don’t have a tablet or a program like the ones I mentioned, you can use any PDF reader (one should already be on your computer) like Preview on Macs. Using a notes app or something similar gives you more freedom in what you can do, and you can add doodles, stickers, etc., but that’s all for fun, not necessary.

Whichever way you choose to plan, you are free to use the planner year-after-year. As long as you have the link, you can download the file as many times as you wish.

Remember, this is my creation and is for personal use only. Please be respectful and do not share or distribute the planner and/or link without my permission.

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How Do I Use This Planner?

A planner is unique to each person who uses it, so there’s no right or wrong way. However, I designed this planner in a way where you can set your focus each month and stay goal-oriented and productive. 

To get started, you’ll want to write down all of your important dates, events, appointments, etc., in the monthly calendar to help you get a clear view of your upcoming month. 

Once you have all of your important dates planned out, you’ll want to set your focus for the month. This could focus on a writing project, saving money, self-care, anything you want really. Then, after selecting your focus, write down three goals related to your focus that you want to achieve in the month.

Be sure these goals are SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-oriented). These goals are only for a month at a time, so don’t put something unrealistic like writing a 500-page novel in 30 days. A more reasonable goal would be writing two chapters or outlining the plot. 

You’ll want to write down your morning and evening to-dos or routines, preferably related to productivity or related to your goals. Any ideas, thoughts, etc., you have, you’ll want to write in the brain dump section. Therefore, you can empty your brain and have more room to think about your goals.

Week by week, write down your top three priorities and any significant events or things you need to remember and stay motivated but humble with the gratitude section.

Once the month is complete, it’s time for a review. So, use the review section to analyze what worked and what didn’t and what you can do to improve the next month. Keeping track of how your month went can help you readjust your strategy and understand why things either worked or didn’t.

Get Yours Now!

Visit my Etsy store to purchase your own productivity planner here. I sell digital prints, templates, printables, and more. Everything is online, so there are no shipping costs or unnecessary fuss! Also, be sure to let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to see in my shop.

Check out the digital productivity planner!

So, if you are someone who:

  • has many projects
  • is ambitious
  • loves setting goals
  • struggles to remember what needs your attention

Be sure to get your downloadable planner here!

productivity planner image with planner pages on a beige background

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